Dreams and direction are abundant in NOU. We raise support for dream projects and monthly ministry expenses. NOU has a vision to hire one to two full-time talented people to help run the ministry as we grow in other areas.

When you become a NOU donor, you are sowing into the ministry of NOU. Currently, we are looking for monthly partners to secure the future of NOU with us. Specifically we are praying for God to bring seven $1000 sowers, seven $3000 sowers, and seven $5000 each year to cover and expand programs, develop video based content, provide resources for ministry leaders, and partner with vision projects. These donations allow us to creatively reach people with the Gospel. We believe in Psalm 19.

Don’t ever forget, there is no trailer hitch on a hearse. We are investing in God’s Kingdom!

You can make a one-time donation or set up monthly giving online. All donations are 100 percent tax-deductible through our 501c3, Painting Hope. Receipts are mailed out every year at the end of January. For further assistance or questions about donations email nouministires @ mac dot com

Danielle and Eric do not receive any yearly salary from Painting Hope at this time.


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With 1000 donors giving monthly just $5 each year...

No One Underground COULD venture internationally to the poorest places on earth to share the Gospel of Jesus through the medium of art.

No One Underground COULD offer 20 Public School Programs to rural and urban communities that do not have funding and bring outreach events to communities that get overlooked.

No One Underground COULD enter 5 Behavioral Health Clinics to use art performance for continued healing of the broken while introducing hope that is found in Jesus.

No One Underground COULD travel once a year to areas in need, painting the message of hope and using proceeds of the print sales to power relief efforts through local churches.

No One Underground COULD partner with 5 community based mentorship programs for at risk youth by mentoring them in healthy expression and offering a new start in Christ.

Please set up your monthly $5 challenge on the right. Select one or more of the challenges.


ONLINE @ NOUStore.com

CLICK HERE for this safe and flexible option is a easy way to give once. 

You can schedule a recurring or one-time gift charged to your debit or credit card if you are interested in supporting the ministry monthly.


If you'd like to mail a donation for Public School Assembly Programs, please make checks payable to:

Painting Hope
PO BOX 8018  
Rochester, MN 55903

or phone in your donation by emailing us your phone number at nouministires @ mac dot com


If a cash gift is not an option for you, consider some of these creative giving ideas:
* Stocks
* Bonds
* Gold/Silver
* Land
* Homes
* Cars
* Computers and Equipment
* Collectibles